Prepare for Your Digital Afterlife

Prepare for Your Digital Afterlife


Product Description

If you were to die tomorrow, would your family know what you would like to happen to your social media? Would your loves ones be able to access your computer if it was secured or could bills go unpaid? Could you become a victim of identity theft while incapacitated after an accident?

When most people do estate planning, they forget about their digital assets, including social media, documents and downloaded items. Did you know, under current law in many states, your family could be committing a crime by using what passwords you left them after you have passed away? By not specifically addressing your digital afterlife, you risk issues with online bills and financials, loss of data (including sentimental items of photos and communications as well as items with monetary value, like music, movies and video games). You lose control of your legacy while leaving others to struggle through deciding what to do.

This digital estate planning eBook takes all of the guesswork out of what you need to do. In Prepare for Your Digital Afterlife, you will learn how to manage your digital estate. The eBook guides you step-by-step in creating a complete digital estate plan.

Give your loved ones peace of mind by preparing for your digital afterlife and make sure your wishes are seamlessly carried out.