Consulting Services

Partner with Emily Parks to boost your productivity, focusing your actions on efficiently achieving your desired results through work-life integration while ensuring your time is invested best for your scenario.

Hourly Consultation

Packages offered by Organize for Success are designed to be most cost effective. It is recommended to start there; then, see examples below of how Emily works with clients at the hourly rate of $125 to implement solutions for your unique needs:

  • Determining your highest priorities
  • Streamlining workflow processes
  • Working through email
  • Setting up technology tools
  • Learning how to delegate
  • Implementing Evernote, Outlook, CRMs, etc.
  • Overhauling your workspace, whether inside four walls or out and about
  • Establishing electronic or paper filing systems
  • Addressing challenges with your team members
  • And much, much more

Emily is also available to create customized presentations and classes for further instruction to your company, team, department or non-profit organization. Visit here for more about Emily’s public speaking and presentations.

In her consulting services and presentations, Emily helps you with the following:

Workflow, Organization Structure & Technology Training: Get More Done in Less Time
Increase efficiency to collaborate, communicate, schedule, share information & maintain documents, whether working alone or in a team. Services include these:

• time management best practices;
• workflow processes and paper flow;
• establishing habits to support achieving what matters most;
• updating organization structure;
• job description development or refinement;
• contact and content management;
• business organization structure;
• technology training.

Technology / Electronic Organization: Taming Your Technology
Emily is proficient in Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Evernote, Outlook and much more. Services include the following:

  • managing email;
  • organizing electronic files;
  • syncing electronic devices;
  • increasing efficiency of utilizing social media;
  • incorporating technology and productivity tools in your day-to-day work/living;
  • analysis of paper, electronic or hybrid solutions.

Paper & Electronic File Organization: Finding What You Need When You Need It
Clutter can lurk in various corners of any office. Services include the following:

  • paper and electronic file management;
  • decision making on what to keep, how long & where;
  • finding information quickly;
  • customized office organization and workflow systems.

Workspace Organizing: Make the space in which you work a productivity tool. Emily can create a workspace to reflect your style while boosting output, including these:

• physical office organization;
• shared department workspaces;
• individual offices’ efficiencies;
• processes physical organization;
• vertical and horizontal space efficiency;
• supply systems and storage;
• utilizing space for maximum efficiency;
• how to safely retain content so it’s accessible when needed;
• searchable electronic information organization as well as storage;
• paper / information / supplies organization.

Mobile Office: Planes, Trains & Automobiles — Productive & Organized
Emily can create an “on the go” office that gives you what you need at your fingertips.

• vehicle / car organization;
• briefcase / purse / suitcase / supplies / materials organization;
• smartphone / computer organization and synchronization;
• calendar / contacts / remote access of information organization;
• filing systems & productivity solutions, particularly for when in motion.