Hourly Consulting to Boost Your Productivity:

Emily Parks partners with time-crunched, high achievers to implement custom solutions, including an emphasis on prioritizing, streamlining workflows, email management, using the right technology in the right ways, creating systems, organizing one’s workspace and aligning teams. Click here to learn about the hourly consulting services.

Productivity Encouraging Packages:

Packages offered by Organize for Success are designed to be more cost effective than simply buying hours of consulting, providing a good place to start for meeting your productivity-boosting needs. Maybe you are looking for a game plan to get from your current situation to crafting your desired life. Maybe you are looking for someone to troubleshoot specific pain points. Maybe you’ve tried a solution and need an alternative because Plan A didn’t work. Maybe you need a partner to work with your toward your greatest success. Click here to learn more about the Pit Stop Package, Technology Tune-Up Package and Game Day Ready Start-Up Package options.

Products to Enable Efficiently Achieving Desired Results:

From partners with whom Organize for Success is an affiliate to eBooks and online courses that Emily Parks has created herself, there are plenty of products you can purchase to organize for success at your own pace, increasing your productivity while becoming more efficient on your own timeline. Want to watch a video from an online course in the middle of the night? No problem! You can proceed however works best for you. Click here to learn more and fill your shopping cart with the eBooks and online courses that meet your current needs.

Public Speaking and Custom Presentations:

Whether you’re seeking a lunch and learn, team-building workshop, keynote address or Evernote training, Emily Parks offers speaking engagements in half-hour, hourly, 1/2-day and full-day increments. You can choose from over 20 presentations in Emily’s current portfolio or Emily can customize a speech for your specific needs. Click here to learn more and, then, email Emily with what you envision.

Productivity is about efficiently working to effectively achieve results desired for all elements of your life, including work, home, community as well as your own mind, body and spirit. Partnering with Emily Parks will better enable you to move forward toward crafting the life you want. Reach out today to see which of these options will get you to your desired results most easily, quickly and with the outcomes you desire.