Productivity Specialist Emily Parks Speaks on Time Management Tips,        Best Practices and Inspiration!

Are you looking for better work life integration? Need a workshop to immediately increase your team’s efficiency and productivity or a keynote to drive action in attendees of your upcoming event?  As a business productivity specialist, Emily Parks gives engaging presentations with specific tips and tools to be easily implemented for a quick impact.

Speaking engagements can be scheduled in half-hour, hourly, 1/2-day and full-day increments. All solutions are customized to meet your unique needs and fit your schedule.

Emily Parks’ Small Business Success Series serves as the core of her trainings and is where most people begin. Series topics include the following:

  • 30 Tools, 30 Tips, 30 Minutes: Learn specific, up-to-date tech tools to increase efficiency & productivity with how to quickly implement each.
  • Go From “Where’d I Put That?” to “Here’s What I Need” In No Time Flat: Learn options to store important information and technological tools to locate what you need quickly and easily, discover collaboration tools that make sharing data and documents effortless as well as create an office set-up to maximize efficiency for increased profitability.
  • Building a Lean Team Using Technology: Increase your team’s efficiency with specific technological and productivity tools to boost collaboration, communication, scheduling as well as the ease with which you share information and documents.
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles… Be More Productive While Working On-The-Go: Garner easy methods to transition systems from offices to mobile environments, discover tools to help you quickly locate what you need while on-the-go, save valuable time with everyday tasks as well as enhance communication & collaboration with remote contacts.
  • Top Techniques & Tech Tools to Put More Wow in Getting Work Done: “Myth bust” what you thought you knew about workflow being dreary and boring while developing an action plan to boost output instantly; learn how to integrate organization systems and tech tools to accomplish more in less time and improve efficiency with simple shifts in how you work.

Additional presentations include but are not limited to those listed below:

“Top Tech Tools To Help You Burn Through Your To-Do List”
“Using Evernote to Remember Everything – Evernote Basics”
“Get More Out of Evernote – Advanced Techniques”
“When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Business And Your Team Be Ready”
“Get Clear For the New Year”
“Top Tech Tools for Rocking It at Work and in Life”
“Using Outlook to Organize for Success… Get More Done in Less Time”
“Managing Email and Social Media with Ease”

Further, Emily is an instructor for North Carolina State University’s Technology Training Solutions unit… Click any of the titles below to learn more about what courses she presents:

Boost Team Performance with Technology
Evernote: The Power of One
Integrating Evernote’s Power Tools Into Your Life
Moving From To-Do To Done
Productivity For The Road

What do others say about Emily’s presentations?

“Emily Parks is the only business consultant that I have been willing to listen to more than once! Her speaking style is perfect, not too fast and not too slow, and she encourages dialogue during her talks to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what the material is while not in a way that makes anyone feel silly. She brings a ton of energy and, even though she is extremely well versed in tech gadgets and uses them to their full potential, she can speak well to those who don’t live and breathe tech. Wonderful speaker to have for any business that wants to use technology to make their people better, smarter and more efficient”. – Chelsea M. of Raleigh, NC

“I was impressed with Emily’s depth of knowledge, spanning both organizational ideas and implementation, but also her breadth of experience using technology as an organizational tool. When I left her workshop, I was armed with new ideas, some of which I put to use immediately. It’s making a difference… Great presentation!” – Karen G. of Raleigh, NC

“This class was worth every dime & more. I learned so many tools that will help me, not only professionally but also personally. My wedding planning is going to be so much easier now, too. Emily is very detailed and gives many options, no matter what your needs might be. She was able to troubleshoot with participants, coming up with solutions right then.” – Julie S. of Raleigh, NC

“Emily Parks is ‘the bomb’ when it comes to learning and utilizing Evernote. She is an excellent teacher and very generous with her knowledge, including tricks to make organization easier. As you might expect, she is extremely organized when it comes to her presentations, carefully explaining the information and addressing all questions. She is proficient across technology platforms. If you get a chance to take one of Emily’s workshops, take advantage of the opportunity.” – Rick N. of Raleigh, NC

“Recently, I had the pleasure of working with professional organizer Emily Parks as we presented at a NAPO-NC meeting together. She displayed a warmth and enthusiasm that quickly engaged the group. It is obvious that she is dedicated to her profession and cares about her clients.” – Susan O. of Cary, NC

“I highly recommend Emily Parks as a presenter. Her speaking style was clear and detailed, and she dispensed a great deal of valuable information. Her slideshow was excellent with detailed information about each technological tool, including screenshots for each application.  Emily provided handouts of the slideshow to each attendee as well as additional links and resources pertaining to the topic. Her technical expertise became obvious and was very helpful during the question and answer portion.” – Nancy H. of Holly Springs, NC