Is Your Hectivity Getting To You?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you certain there’s a better way?Clock_Draft2

  • Do you feel like you never get to the bottom of your to-do list?
  • Do you worry that you’re missing opportunities?
  • Do you feel buried in email or simply unable to keep up?
  • Are you constantly in a frenzied and stressful state?
  • Do you wonder how many tasks and commitments are falling through the cracks?
  • Does it feel impossible to get anything accomplished amidst all the distractions?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night, wondering which juggling ball you dropped?
  • Are you drowning, treading water or swimming laps?
Partner with Organize for Success to get the optimal tools for driving your desired results:

  • Efficient workflow processes
  • Streamlined and organized workspaces
  • Tech tools best for your specific needs
  • Systems for implementing all the resources at your disposal
  • Communication skills, delegation options and strategic planning to succeed

Productivity is focusing your actions to efficiently achieve your desired results for work-life integration.

Emily Parks is a technology specialist who focuses on increasing productivity for small business executives, entrepreneurs and corporate teams.  Partnering with Emily, you achieve work-life integration to fuel your results, help you get more done in less time and boost your harmony for greater peace of mind. She helps clients better invest the limited resource of time, leading to clients’ greater profitability within the quarter.

With a background that includes automotive marketing and sports administration, she possesses a unique knowledge of technology for both PC and Mac, iPhone and Android.  Emily understands technology’s importance in not only increasing efficiency and output but also how to easily incorporate it into daily operations to achieve goals. Still, Emily’s productivity expertise is not limited to technology; she discovers your specific needs to create customized plans to improve your results. Trust Emily to provide confidential, one-on-one business strategy consulting (in person or via video call) as well as customized workshops and trainings.  Emily is your go-to partner, serving busy professionals nationwide from Raleigh, NC.

Emily is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) as well as the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and proudly abides by the NAPO code of ethics.  As such, Organize for Success’ commitment to confidentiality can be found by clicking here.

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