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  • Over 150 Gift Ideas to Eliminate Clutter for Loved Ones November 20, 2018
    The holiday season has snuck up on us again, and, whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Boxing Day, chances are good that your gift shopping list feels endless. While giving the gift of your time, access to an experience or consumable items can offer excellent options, many gift recipients want a tangible item that can […]
  • Are You Prepared for an Emergency or Natural Disaster? 10 Tips for Your Business' Productive Preparedness August 27, 2018
    Each September, we are reminded of the need to review how prepared we are for emergencies and natural disasters as National Preparedness Month rolls around. The need to be prepared is increasing, evidenced by how the insured losses from the 330 natural catastrophes that occurred during 2017 reached an incredible $134 billion per a report published by […]
  • Top Tips to Simplify Your Life July 30, 2018
    As we near the first week of August, plan how you'll celebrate "Simplify Your Life Week" with baby steps you can take to streamline, cut out the clutter, make life easier and better invest your limited resource of time. With a few tweaks to how you get things done, you can better focus on what […]
  • Does America Have an Unhealthy Focus on Labels? April 23, 2018
    Photo by Pro Church Media on UnsplashRecently, I was an attendee at a non-profit gala; when I was unable to hear the speaker due to attendees talking and poor audio technology, I tapped my knife against my glass to get folks refocused on the speaker, hoping to not miss anything important being said. Unfortunately, by […]
  • 10 Tips to Safely and Successfully Spring Forward March 6, 2018
    As explained by WebMD, "Losing an hour of sleep to gain an extra hour of sunlight... interrupts your circadian rhythm or your sleep-wake cycle", and the act of springing forward can be stressful for our bodies, affecting our well-being in both positive and negative ways. Losing an hour of sleep in March is especially hard […]
  • Visualize Your Ideal Life to Make It Happen January 31, 2018
    The fundamentals of productivity build upon one another... You clarify what matters most, utilize those priorities to create a game plan for proactively addressing the week, utilize a daily wrap-up to stay on track and, yet, sometimes, still miss out on attaining your loftiest of goals. The missing link might have more to do with […]
  • Delegate and Automate to Get More Done January 30, 2018
    Tasks are thrown at us each day via calls, emails, meeting conversations, texts and people stopping by our office. With our limited time, it often feels as if there are never enough minutes to get it all done; yet, our inability do it all on our own does not eliminate the never-ending to-do list. Until […]
  • Practice the Power of One January 29, 2018
    Although Three Dog Night might've wanted to convince folks that one is the loneliest number, I believe wholeheartedly that one is the most powerful number for productivity. There can be power in the masses, meaning a team collaborating in harmony makes greater progress than an individual; however, when it comes to certain organizing tools, it's […]
  • Learn How and When to Say No January 28, 2018
    In clarifying our priorities, it is paramount to acknowledge how limited our most valuable resource truly is. Each day offers only 1,440 minutes, and each of those minutes can be invested no more than once. If you spend time doing something, you can't get those minutes back for doing anything else; your return on time […]
  • Communicate to Collaborate for Greater Results January 27, 2018
    A quick Google search reveals that collaboration is defined as "the action of working with someone to produce or create something"; I contend collaboration is partnering with others to create something greater than can be produced alone. It is the very principle on which the team acronym of "Together, everyone achieves more" was created.If we […]
  • Protect Yourself with Better Password Management January 26, 2018
    There's no way around our ever increasing need for more securely storing our online data. It seems that we hear about another data breach just about every day while our list of websites requiring logins continues to grow. Productivity requires more wary processes.Here are four practical privacy practices to implement now:Be password smart. Don't use […]
  • Make Meetings More Meaningful January 25, 2018
    When The Muse asked how much time we spend in meetings, the results were scary... "If you're a middle manager, it's likely about 35% of your time, and, if you're in upper management, it can be a whopping 50%." Considering most of us have no way to avoid meetings, it is important to make good […]
  • Limit Distractions January 24, 2018
    As you dive into your daily must-do list, do you frequently find your thoughts drifting? Do you get pulled in different directions all day, especially when time-crunched near deadline? Are there constantly different people, places and things needing your attention? If so, distractions might be depleting your efforts, and it's time to evaluate new solutions […]
  • Stop Procrastinating January 23, 2018
    Procrastination is often due to being overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. Sometimes, it stems from being unclear as to what is expected for completing a requested task or simply not knowing how to start the task at hand; other times, it is because we are unable to decide which to-do is the […]
  • Capitalize on Your Energy for Enhanced Productivity January 22, 2018
    When thinking about a normal day at work, are there times you feel more "in the zone", the output seems to flow more easily, you're in a groove and you're energized? Can you envision what those instances have in common? For many, the theme that runs consistently amongst instances when working tends to work better […]
  • Invest in Self Care to Fuel Your Energy Reserves January 21, 2018
    In a society that is constantly focused on doing more, it is increasingly easy for our energy to become depleted and we get burnt out. It is imperative to act deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health via self-care practices which replenish our energy reserves. Only when we build up what […]
  • Be Strategic in Managing Electronic Files January 20, 2018
    As it's easier to find what's need more quickly in electronic form, many paper files get scanned into laptops, desktops and mobile devices; yet, simply converting to electronic doesn't ensure the content is safe, secure and easily accessible whenever needed. That's where the cloud comes into play, and it's important to utilize cloud solutions how […]
  • Organize Your Files to Quickly Find What's Needed January 19, 2018
    Each day, we are faced with an onslaught of information. Much of that information avalanche comes from email, and there are solutions specific to controlling your email instead of letting email control you. Yet, there is an equally pressing need to address the overwhelm from paper and electronic documents. Follow these steps for relief in […]
  • Is Your Workspace a Tool in Your Productivity Toolbox? January 18, 2018
    Although many focus on personnel, processes, priorities and technology as the best tools for fueling desired results, the space in which you work can be another tool in your productivity toolbox. Just as important as what you keep can be where you keep it all, and there are key concepts to consider as you organize […]
  • Control Your Email Instead of Letting Email Control You January 17, 2018
    The average professional receives over 175 email messages each day, and many of my clients receive over 400 new emails daily, causing them to view handling email as a very time-consuming aspect of the workday. This is truly an overwhelming amount of communications. It can make you wonder how any real work gets done beyond […]