Solutions for Work Life Integration

Emily Parks believes there is no right or wrong way to get or stay organized and that no one system works for everyone. She partners with you to develop what system works best and is easy to maintain for your unique style, personality, output and work-life integration needs.

Packages are designed to solve ALL of your needs, rather than solving bits and pieces. Emily’s assessments are designed to be put into operation immediately; however, you may wish to hire her for further training or hands-on assistance in implementation. Emily provides results-oriented solutions so you best utilize all the tools in your toolbox for your greatest success. Although hourly consultations are available, the following packages provide a more efficient way to connect you with the custom solution best for your specific situation.

Pit Stop Package — $1,497

Are you…

  • A time-crunched, high achiever?
  • Overwhelmed with more deadlines than days to get it all done?
  • A busy entrepreneur, manager, C-suite executive or salesperson?
  • Looking to squeeze every minute out of the day?
  • In need of a complete plan or an overhaul of all your productivity and organization?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then, here’s your solution…

The Pit Stop Package provides a detailed assessment of your current level of productivity, what resources are working or not working and your current work situation as well as your business vision, focusing on desired outcomes in both organization and productivity and including each of the following components:

  • A step-by-step plan of how to get from where you are to where you want to be with specific resources, processes and productivity tools, including technology, maximizing workspace elements (filing, storage, etc), delegation techniques, outsourcing suggestions, communication skills, refined workflow processes, ways to implement strategic planning and much more as needed.
  • Your individual results from the Time and Space Style Inventory
  • Four follow-up phone calls as well as supplemental emails to assist with any challenges along your route to successful implementation of the aforementioned game plan

Technology Tune-Up Package — $975

Do you…

  • Want to better incorporate technology into achieving your goals?
  • Want to eliminate unnecessary technology?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the options of tech tools?
  • Believe there are better ways to utilize your current technology?
  • Want tech tools that work for your specific needs?
  • Want to have your productivity needs solved by technology?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then, here’s your solution…

The Technology Tune-Up Package includes a detailed appraisal of your current technology and related processes, focusing on the tools you are using as well as how you are using them. Some but not all of the topics to be addressed include email, contacts, knowledge management, social media, communications, calendaring and task management. In addition, your business vision is discussed, outlining the outcomes desired for technology impacting organization and productivity. The resulting plan presented addresses how to achieve your goals with specific technology in the following ways:

  • Which technology tools you need for proper functionality but currently do not have
  • How to implement the technology in your productivity toolbox for optimum results
  • Which technology tools can be eliminated to better streamline functionality
  • Ways to lower or be more efficient with money being invested in your technology

Game Day Ready Start-Up Package — $379

Are you…

  • A new entrepreneur?
  • Thinking about starting your own business?
  • Juggling different hats as a blossoming solopreneur and looking to be more efficient?
  • An overwhelmed start-up owner who needs to chart a better path?
  • Ready to hit the ground running in a new venture with the optimal tools and resources for driving desired workflow results?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then, here’s your solution…

The Game Day Ready Start-Up Package includes a review of what you have set-up for your new business, determining technology, processes, overall work situation, business vision and desired outcomes in organization as well as productivity so you can know what holes in your toolbox need to be filled. Emily covers a questionnaire with you, addressing topics that include legal, banking, website, eCommerce, social media, communications and much more, clarifying on anything that needs addressing:

  • List of resources you need to set up your business
  • Business team members to ensure your success
  • What technology tools you need for proper set-up
  • Productivity goals, recommended tools and related processes as well as how to implement

The report provided with each package is designed to be immediately put into operation; however, some clients hire Emily for further training or consultation.